Practicing Safe Stress Free Workshop

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Tess Elsen

Tess Elsen – Your Relationship Coach

Practicing Safe Stress Webinar

FREE Live Online Webinar

Tess Elsen

Tess Elsen – Your Relationship Coach

Most people would like their relationship to be a safe haven of love and support. Home should be where we go to relax in safety and comfort.  Working from home has seriously impacted on how we feel at home and this has not always been for the better. Trying to juggle the demands of work and children are taking its toll and the love and support we expect and need is not always available, especially when we don’t understand how men and women cope with stress differently. Because we don’t understand the differences, we tend to misinterpret them and this often leads to misunderstandings and arguments. Understanding how we cope with stress differently can have a huge positive impact on our relationships. 

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Your relationship can be a safe haven of love and support. Don’t let a lack of understanding challenge this safety by eroding the trust and respect you have for each other. Register for the Practising Safe Stress Free Workshop now and let go of the stress in your relationship. 

During the workshop you will learn:

  • The 4 main causes of stress in a relationship
  • How stress releases hormones that can negatively impact on your health and libido
  • How men and women cope with stress differently
  • How our differences are intensified by stress
  • How to reduce stress levels for yourself and your partner
  • How to increase the stress buster hormones that eliminate stress